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Student Experience of Courses

Surveys of the student experience of courses at Mount Allison are governed by Policy 5310. The revision of this policy was passed on 13 February 2018, accompanied by a report from the Senate Teaching and Learning Committee. Information about the contents of the survey is found in Appendix A of the Policy. The survey has been designed to allow for up to 10 additional “rating scale” questions; open-ended questions may also be added at the end of the survey. In particular, the following categories of questions are strongly recommended in the report:

  • Questions requested by MASU
  • Questions from the previous survey, to provide continuity of results and support for teaching award applications
  • Questions relating to course components such as labs or tutorials

For more information, see the Question Bank and the Recommended Questions and Adding Questions tip sheets, below.
Procedures for administering the survey are outlined in Appendix B of the policy. Here is some additional information to further support this process.


Information for Faculty
Surveys should usually be conducted within the last two weeks of classes. You are strongly encouraged to conduct your surveys early within this period and to inform your departmental secretary at least a day or two in advance which dates you have chosen.

Forms & Instructions for Departmental Secretaries

For Students

Though it has been categorized for faculty, secretaries, and students, the information on this Teaching Survey website is open and of interest to all.