Tell us what you think! We love to talk “food” and thrive on feedback on all our services. Talk to our cooking staff, stop by the main office in Jennings Hall, or leave a comment on the suggestion board.


Colin and Angel and StuartOur main contacts

Stuart MacDonald
Director, Dining Services

Angel Falle
Assistant Director, Retail & Catering
(506) - 364-2420 or

Colin Sifton
Executive Chef
(506) - 364-2425  csifton@mtaca or


Jennings staffOur Jennings staff

All staff have you in mind when preparing food in our kitchen. From Dale, who arrives at 4:30 a.m. every morning to run our on-site bakery, to Raymond's made-from-scratch soups to Jeremy cooking at the vegetarian station to Jeanette and Joanne, the sisters who make the best sandwiches, to Jason, Danny, and Roger, the wizards who can cook up a storm at any station, to Angela, who cuts and dices at the salad bar, to Ruth and Phyllis working the pizza oven to Wanda, Sandy, Charlotte, Marilyn, Vara, Joseph, Doug, Gabe, Art, Terry, Michelle, Emily, Cathy and the rest of the Jennings family — they all work hard to ensure you feel at home!


Carol and her pen collection at the checker deskCarol at the checker desk

Carol and her collection of over 200 pens delight staff and students as they enter the dining hall. A different pen each day to brighten any spirit — even on an exam day! Students and friends have given pens to Carol through the years and every one of them has a story.


We look forward to seeing you at Jennings!