Dear Parents and Guardians:

Welcome to Mount Allison! We know you want your student to eat well and study smart. Dining Services is an integral part of the residence and campus life experience. The marché style of dining makes it easier to eat a well-balanced meal at a variety of stations. With the convenient and flexible all access unlimited meal plan, the food, cooking, and cleaning up is on us so your student is free to focus on academics, athletics, extra-curricular activities, and other aspects of campus life.

In addition to saving time and money, being on a meal plan offers a sense of belonging and community for students. Dining on campus gives your student time to socialize with friends, take a break from a hectic schedule, and enjoy nutritious food in an atmosphere designed with students in mind.

An additional bonus for parents and guardians is that you can always eat free in Jennings Hall when accompanied by your student on a meal plan. Please join your student for a meal anytime. Sizzling pizza  

Birthday or “Having a Bad Day” Surprise

We bake cakes in our dining hall bakery almost every day of the school year. And we love happy surprises! You can send us an e-mail at to book a small personalized cake just for your student on a meal plan. We need at least two business days to prepare a cake and a birthday or a hug from home card. If you have a special message, we will include that on the card as well!

Mountie Money

Mountie Money is the debit card program for students, faculty, and staff on campus. Funds can be loaded online using a credit card. Goods and services can be purchased at the Library (printing, photocopying, payment of fines), Wellness Centre (shots and some chargeable medical services), all dining operations, pub (food only), fitness centre, and the bookstore.

Dining Hall FAQ

When does the meal plan begin and end?
Meal plans begin at lunch on move-in day in the fall/winter terms. The meal plan ends at noon following the last full day of exams in the fall/winter terms.

Can I get help with special dietary needs?
Yes. Students with food intolerances and allergies are encouraged to schedule a meeting with our director, Stuart, to best evaluate how we can accommodate requests. As part of your meal plan we can also schedule a meeting with a dietitian for consultation on issues ranging from allergies to weight management.

What is on the menu each day?
You can sign up for the daily menu Twitter feed or check the Dining home page with our Twitter feed. Any changes to the menu due to delivery problems will be tweeted before the meal begins.

When and how does my student sign up for a meal plan?
If your student applies to live in residence the all access unlimited plan is automatically assigned to their student account.

Can my student opt out of the meal plan?
No. All students living in residence have a meal plan.

Can my student use their meal plan for family or friends?
No. Their meal plan is subject to government regulation regarding tax-exempt status and is only for their own use. At Mount Allison parents are welcome to eat free of charge when accompanied to Jennings Hall by their student.

Are you open on weekends?
Yes. Jennings Hall is open for brunch and dinner from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday the dining hall opens from 10 p.m. to midnight for Late Night.

Are there vegetarian and vegan options?
Yes. We have a station that has never been touched by meat! It has its own cooking equipment and utensils. There are vegan and vegetarian options at almost every station in Jennings — soup, pizza, breakfast, made-to-order charbroil and Mongolian grills, salad and fruit bars, pasta, and dessert. We can work with you to have other options available at the accommodation station if you wish... just contact our director, Stuart, or our assistant director, Angel, in the Jennings office.

What happens during storms when the University offices are closed?
Going to work in a blizzardDuring heavy snow or blizzard conditions we continue normal operations as much as is safely possible for both students and employees. Some stations may not be open. Most staff live close by and can make it to work or will work a double shift to ensure everyone is accommodated. Our grounds crew works hard to clear snow — their priority is to keep the pathways to Jennings open and to keep the loading dock open for deliveries. We also follow the 72-hour preparedness recommendations for food inventory. The dining hall is on emergency power with a back up generator.