The best times are waiting at your doorstep…

One size doesn’t fit all, so your unique personality deserves one of our unique residence types. Being in residence doesn’t just mean living in a room, it means living in a community filled with other students and student leaders who bring to life some of the best adventures. While living in residence, you will make life-long friends, transition smoothly to university with the support of our in-house student leaders and have easy access to your classes and campus services. You will also enjoy an ever-changing, delicious menu at Jennings Hall!

quad_studyingSupport Network
We know that moving away from home is not easy, but our student leaders in residence make it their mission to provide you with all the support you need. Our residence assistants, academic mentors and residence executives work tirelessly to ensure your safety, provide academic support and create fun events for a seamless transition into your best MtA life.

resroom_hangoutStudent Experience
This is what makes Mount Allison unforgettable. For many, student experience begins in residence, since you will be right next door to all future friends. These people will not only be in residence but you may even share classes with them. Late night movies and group study sessions become much more exciting when you and your friends are together.

LeadershipLeadership Opportunities
Your time in residence primes you for leadership success both on and off-campus. With all the organizations on-campus just steps away from you, you will be able to involve yourself in all your passions. In residence, we take care of your necessities so you can connect to campus, conquer your studies and social life, and live your best life.