Bigelow House offers a mix of shared en-suite and traditional rooms. Located on the south side of campus, Bigelow is located near the Wallace McCain Student Centre and Alumni Field. Bigelow House is identified on the campus map as building #17.


Fast Facts

Room types: Single en-suite, single, double
Number of beds: 85
Mattress size: Twin (74'')
Amenities: Kitchen and laundry facilities on ground level
Furnishings: Built-in furniture - bed, desk, closet unit with built-in shelving, chair, microwaves and mini-fridge (television in en-suites only)
Bathrooms: Shared en-suite and private all-gender bathrooms
Storage: Shelving built-in above desk, underneath bed, and in closet
Lounges: One main lounge on ground level




Residence Team

Residence Don: Ian & Michelle McIntyre (T: 506-939-7400, E:
Assistant Don: Sarah Park
Residence Assistants: Kelton Welsh, Maxwell Chapman, & Emma Munro
Academic Mentor:
Viveka Kulkarni
House President: Liam Peake
Vice President:
Emily Wei
Natalie Lagacé
Co-Social Chairs: Grace Snowdon & Luke Fleming


Floor Plans

Ground Floor/First Floor/Second Floor/Third Floor