Campbell Hall is located on the north side of campus and offers en-suite rooms. Campbell also has a fitness centre on the main floor. Campbell Hall is identified on the campus map as building #27.


Fast Facts

Room types: Single, double and triple en-suites
Number of beds: 215
Mattress Size: Twin extra-long (80'')
Amenities: Kitchen facilities on every floor, laundry facilities on ground level, televisions provided in each room, gym facilities on first floor
Furnishings: Movable furniture - bed, desk, wardrobe with dresser, pedestal drawer unit, chair, and mini fridge. Double rooms have loft furniture
Bathrooms: Shared en-suite
Storage: Wardrobe-style closet, drawers under desk and bed, built-in shelving above desk. Campbell also offers a bike storage room
Lounges: One main lounge on first floor with a separate study room, as well as smaller lounges on each floor


Campbell room  


Residence Team

Residence Don: Tabatha Carter (T: 506-939-4200,
Assistant Don: Maggie MacNeil
Residence Assistants: Matthew Hovey, Arianna Woodley, Risha Minocha-Mckenney, Sydney Orr, Jillian Bishop, & Kate Robotham
Academic Mentors:
Alexandra Baillie & Justine Downs
House President:Lin Frazer
Vice-President: Alex LeBlanc
Secretary/Treasurer: Laura Scaravelli
Co-Social Chairs: Mikey Mosher & Sara McConnell

Floor Plans 

First Floor / Second Floor / Third Floor / Fourth Floor