Harper Hall consists primarily of single rooms. As one of the larger residences on campus, Harper is home to some of Mount Allison's most spirited and involved students. Harper is also connected to Jennings Dining Hall, allowing convenient access to dining services. Harper Hall is identified on the campus map as building #26.



Fast Facts

Room types: Single, double and en-suite
Number of beds: 187
Mattress size: Twin extra-long (80'')
Amenities: Kitchen facilities on each floor, laundry facilities on ground level
Bathrooms: All-gender community
Storage: Wall shelving above desk, shelving under bed, built-in closets with storage above
Lounges: One main lounge and study lounge on first floor, as well as smaller lounges on each floor


Harper room  


Residence Team

Residence Don: Erin Lawless (T: 506-939-4000, E: harperdon@mta.ca)
Assistant Don
: Hayley Wood
Residence Assistants: Bruce Rae, Nathan Otley, Hannah Fisher, Kajal Popat, Sarah Gordon, Jana Arseneault, & Paige Percy
Academic Mentors: Nicholas Fernandez & Rebekah Howlett
House President: Claire Genset
Vice-President: Camden Sutherland
Secretary/Treasurer: Greg Baillie
Co-Social Chairs: Meghan MacAskill & Sean McNeill


Floor Plans

Ground Floor / First Floor / Second Floor / Third Floor / Fourth Floor