Once you are living on campus at Mount Allison, it is easy to draw back into residence for a second, third, or fourth year.

Living in residence as an upperclassman combines the convenience of living and dining on campus with the freedom of choosing your residence room. Returning to residence also opens doors to many different leadership positions, such as residence assistants, academic mentors, or house executive. For more information about these roles, please see Leadership.


Any student currently living in residence is eligible to draw a room for next year. The process is now virtual and will from mid-October 2017 until May 2018.

Once the housing portal opens , you will be able to simply sign-in using your MtA username and password, then select 'Academic Year 2018-2019'.

How it works:  

October 11, 7:00am - October 12, 11:59pm: Same House - students are eligible to draw any available room in the residence they are currently assigned to.

October 12, 7:00am - October 15, 11:59pm: Windsor, Anchorage & Carriage - students living in Windsor Hall, The Anchorage or Carriage House are eligible to draw any available room on campus.

October 16, 7:00am - onwards: General Draw: all students are eligible to draw any available room on campus.

Further information:  

  • You can return to the portal if you change your mind. Each new room chosen will cancel your previous choice. If you are hired as an AD or RA or you are elected President or Secretary/Treasurer then Housing will move you automatically and release the room to general draw.
  • Housing deposit of $500.00 is due by May 5, 2018 to hold your room for September 2018. After March 3rd, 2018 we will begin assigning new students to residence rooms so choices will narrow after that date.
  • Students wishing to withdraw from their room should notify resroom@mta.ca as soon as possible so we can release your room to other students. The charge to withdraw from a room taken in room draw is $100.00.

Returning Student Residence


We are pleased to offer single and double accommodations in Bermuda House to any returning student. Students who choose a room in Bermuda are also eligible to purchase the all-access meal plan or the 10/week meal plan. Floor plans for Bermuda House can be found below:


Ground Floor | First Floor | Second Floor

Bermuda House FAQ

Q: How many bathrooms are in Bermuda House?

A: Bermuda House features private bathrooms on each floor. There are six full bathrooms (sink, toilet, shower) and two half bathrooms (sink, toilet).


Q: How many people live in Bermuda House?

A: At full occupancy, Bermuda House can accommodate 30 people (12 singles, 9 doubles).


Q: What meal plans can I choose from?

A: Returning students in Bermuda House can choose from the all-access or 10 meals/week meal plan.


Q: Who is eligible to live in Bermuda House?

A: Bermuda House is open to any returning student or student with an upper year standing.


Q: Is there a kitchen?

A: Yes, there is a large kitchen and lounge in Hammond Studio (attached to Bermuda House).