Maintenance Requests


Reporting a maintenance issue in a common area: Please inform your Residence Assistant or Don.

Reporting a maintenance issue in your residence room: Please submit your maintenance request via your Residence Portal (under the Residence FixIt section).

Reporting a maintenance issue after-hours that requires immediate assistance: Please inform your Residence Assistant or Don. If they are not available, please call 506-364-2444 and press 0 for our 24-hour support centre.

Reporting a burnt-out light bulb: Please notify your residence custodian.


Work requests are prioritized and the response time will vary depending on the urgency of your request. If you do not get a satisfactory response from facilities management within the time tram below, please call 364-2444 to determine the status of your work request. Emergencies will be dealt with before the end of the day in which they are reported. Repairs of operating elements of the room which are not working, such as burnt out lights, broken drapery rods, sticking cupboard doors, etc, will be dealt with as soon as possible and we will strive to fix them within two weeks of your call. Requests for work which is routine maintenance, such as scrapped paint, sticking drawers, etc will be handled as workload allows and may have to be placed in our backlog for attention during our summer maintenance period.


Room Transfer Requests


Mount Allison Housing Services is responsible for coordinating and approving all room move requests. Room moves can be initiated by a student, Housing Services or Residence Life. To ensure that disruptions to residence students are minimized, a room move process and timeline has been created. 


 Room transfer timeline


Room move fee: Room moves initiated by a student are subject to a $70.00 room move fee. This fee will be added to student's Connect account.

Administrative room moves: Administrative room moves that are initiated by Housing Services and/or Residence Life are exempt from the room move fee.

Restricted period: There will be a hold on all room moves three weeks before the end of a term. Room moves received during this time period will be processed and the room move will occur once the new term begins.


To apply for a room transfer, please complete the Room Transfer Request form and email it to


Please note: if you are applying for a room transfer due to a roommate disagreement or conflict, please speak to your Residence Assistant or Don before completing the request form.