Eligible international students may apply to receive final exam accommodations such as extra time and/or the use of a dictionary. Forms can be picked up from the international advisor’s office. All completed request forms must be submitted to the international advisor in compliance with the standard application for exam accommodation deadlines posted by the registrar’s office. Final approval for any exam accommodation(s) rests exclusively with the professor. Please note that final exam accommodation is offered as a non-guaranteed service by International & Student Affairs at the sole discretion of the supervising professor.

Who is eligible?

International students who:

  1. hold a valid study-permit
  2. are in their first calendar year at Mount Allison
  3. are non-native English speakers
  4. were not educated previously in English at the high-school or university levels

Students must satisfy ALL of the above criteria to be eligible for final exam accommodation through Mount Allison’s International Centre.