Academic Information 

Quick Facts

Language of Instruction: English is the language of instruction at Mount Allison. 

Class Sizes: Each courses has a cap and only a certain number of students can register in each course. When courses are full, students can register to be on the waitlist. It is important for exchange students to find courses they are interested in taking early in the process so that they can get registered in these courses and ensure they can take the classes that they want. 

Pre-Requisites: Many upper-year courses at Mount Allison will require students to have taken certain courses as pre-requisites in order for them to be eligible to register in the class. Exchange students are permitted to take upper year courses at Mount Allison provided they have taken the appropriate pre-requisites at their home university. 

Course Exclusions: Courses in Music and Fine Arts are only open to students enrolled in Mount Allison's Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Fine Arts programs. 

Course Load Requirements: A normal course load per semester is five courses. Each course is three credits, so exchange students should plan to enroll in 15 credits.

Course Selection

Choosing your courses: When applying to Mount Allison as an exchange student, you will be asked to list the courses you intend to take at Mount Allison. Mount Allison's annual course calendar becomes available in April. However, in some cases, students may not be able to list their choices at the time of the application. Students can view courses that are offered during the semester that they are here by going to the CONNECT@MTA portal and clicking on "search for courses". 
There are courses in more than 40 academic programs to choose from and exchange students can mix and match courses from any of our program based on their interest.   Our Bachelor's degrees are four year programs and courses are typically offered as the following: 
first-year courses: 1000 level

second-year courses: 2000 level

third-year courses: 3000 level

fourth-year courses: 4000 level  

Check for pre-requisites: Visiting exchange students can take upper year courses at Mount Allison provided they have the appropriate pre-requisites from their home university. For example, if a course states the the pre-requisite to register for the course is Introduction to Macroeconomics, the visiting student must have taken the equivalent course to Macroeconomics at their home university.   You can check to see if and what the pre-requisite course is by clicking on the course description in CONNECT@MTA or by finding the course description in the Academic Calendar. 

Registering for courses: Once you have received your letter of acceptance and paid your $100 registration deposit, the Mount Allison International Affairs Coordinator will begin to register you for your courses. If you wish to make any changes to your course schedule as outlined in your application, please consult the International Affairs Coordinator.

  • For courses with pre-requisites: The international affairs co-ordinator will assist visiting exchange students in getting permission to take upper year courses with pre-requisites by asking the appropriate academic department head or professor teaching the course at Mount Allison. The visiting exchange student will then be manually registered in the requested course(s).  
  • For courses without pre-requisites: Exchange students can register for these on their own through CONNECT@MTA


Academic Support

The Mount Allison International Centre recognizes that international students may face unique challenges when transitioning to academic life at Mount Allison. There are a number of support services specifically for international students to help aid in this transition. Check out the academic support webpage for more information.