Estelle Louette on exchange at MTA

Estelle Louette, Universite de Strasbourg, France


Why did you choose to come to Mount Allison as an exchange student?

For my exchange I really wanted to discover Canada and speak English because it is not my first language. However, what really convinced me to choose MtA was this sense of a small community- the feeling that you're not just another student, but you are seen as a unique person.







Michael Butler    Michael Butler, University of the Bahamas, The Bahamas


I chose to come to Mount Allison as an exchange student to experience the education system outside of my country. I value the friends I have made here and travelling on the road as a member of the soccer team, visiting different towns and universities along the way. While at MtA, I was taught by an incredible saxophone and woodwind teacher, which made me realize how many options are out there. For students considering coming to Mount Allison for exchange: don't be shy, talk to people, make friends, and enjoy the town... there's a lot that Sackville can offer! For MtA students considering The Bahamas for exchange: it's really warm, you'll enjoy the food, there are beaches all over the place, and the island is small so you don't have to travel hours to get somewhere!






 Yuri Teramura on exchange at Mount AllisonYuri Teramura, Waseda University, Japan


What are some of the benefits of coming to Mount Allison as an exchange student?

Attending MtA on exchange is a great opportunity to develop English skills and build close relationships with the people here. Compared to my home university, the number of students at MtA is much smaller, so people tend to be more close-knit at MtA. Additionally, I'd never received personal feedback from professors, but at MtA I received detailed comments and grades on each of my essays which enables me to find out what I need to develop.


What advice would you give to international students coming to MtA for exchange?

Studying abroad is definitely a good chance to experience many things such as meeting new people, developing English and academic skills, and so on. Although it is sometimes hard to live in a different country, you can see a wider world than you knew before. Don't hesitate or feel nervous... a great experience is waiting for you.


Alanah Moore Alanah Moore, University of Kent, England


Why did you choose to come to Mount Allison as an exchange student?

I chose Mount A because I had always wanted to visit Canada and I liked the idea of a smaller University environment as I am from a larger university at home. I also felt with a smaller University it would be less overwhelming to learn my way around etc. The campus looked beautiful and looking on the website I thought it was very easy to navigate and felt I could settle into this area of Canada rather well. I had also spoke to a fellow Kent University student who told such positive things about MtA. I also noticed Mount Allison had a field hockey team which I was interested in trying out.

Benefits of coming to Mount Allison as an exchange student?

The main thing I would say is I have gained so much independence, because I had to become okay with doing some things completely alone. Also, I have made some of the greatest friends on my time abroad and gained some amazing experiences (I did the CN tower edge walk and saw some beautiful sceneries)  


What advice would you give to international students coming to MtA for exchange?

Just get involved. Although it is scary, you have to push yourself into the uncomfortable situations because looking back you will be so glad you made the most of every opportunity. Just remember everyone is in a similar position to you and probably just as nervous. This year abroad has honestly been the best year ever and has honestly changed my life plans because now, I genuinely want to live in Canada at some point in my life. I have had the best experience, met the most amazing friends. I am living with no regrets from my time abroad at Mount A. I am already trying to plan a flight back to visit.