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Visiting Exchange Student Information

If you are a student from one of Mount Allison's partner universities, this is where you will find out about being a visiting exchange student for one semester or a year.  To see our list of current partner universities click here.  

We really look forward to having you join us on campus and we look forward to welcoming you into the Mount Allison family. The International Centre at Mount Allison is dedicated to facilitating the exchange of students and assisting both outbound and visiting exchange students to take part in this unique international experience.

Your first point of contact when applying to come to Mount Allison as an exchange student should be the International Office at your home university. So, if you have not done so yet, please contact your home university for more information about the requirements to come to Mount Allison as an exchange student.

If your home university is not a partner university with Mount Allison you are not eligible to come as an exchange student but can come to Mount Allison as a visiting international student. Find out more information about coming as a visiting non-exchange student.

Application information

Find out how to apply to be an exchange student. Please note that the deadlines to receive applications are: 

Fall Term (September-December) Application Deadline = May 30 

Winter Term (January-April) Application Deadline =October 30 


Academic information

Language of instruction: English is the language of instruction.

Course information: Courses are capped and only a certain number of students can register in courses. It is important for exchange students to find courses they are interested in taking early in the process so that they can get registered in these courses.

Exchange students are permitted to take upper year courses at Mount Allison provided they have taken the appropriate pre-requisites at their home university. For more information about registering for courses see the below section on course selection.

Please note: Courses in Music and Fine Arts are restricted to students in Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Fine Arts program only.

Course load requirements: A normal course load per semester is five courses. Each course is three credits, so exchange students should plan to enroll in 15 credits.


Course selection

Part of the application form requires students to list their courses they intend to take at Mount Allison. Mount Allison's course calendar for the next academic year becomes available in April of the previous year so students may not be able to list their choices at the time of the application.

Students can view courses that are offered during the semester that they are here by going to the CONNECT@MTA portal and clicking on "search for courses".

Visiting exchange students can take upper year courses at Mount Allison provided they have the appropriate pre-requisites from their home university.

For example, if a course states the the pre-requisite to register for the course is Introduction to Macroeconomics, the visiting student must have taken the equivalent course to Macroeconomics at their home university.

It is very important that once visiting exchange students have received their official acceptance to Mount Allison University that the student send the international affairs co-ordinator a list of courses they intend on taking while here. The international affairs co-ordinator will assist visiting exchange students with getting permission to take upper year courses by asking the appropriate academic department head or professor teaching the course. The visiting exchange student will then be manually registered in the requested course.

For courses that have no pre-requisites, student can register for these on their own through CONNECT@MTA once they have received their letter of acceptance and paid the $100 registration deposit.


Paying fees

Once you have received an acceptance letter from Mount Allison University for your exchange studies, you will need to confirm your acceptance by e-mail.

The next step to confirm your exchange is to pay a $100 registration deposit. Exchange students can pay this fee through .

Your acceptance letter will also indicate that you should pay either a $250 (one semester) or $500 (full year) residence deposit. Exchange students should only pay this deposit if they intend to stay on-campus in residence for the duration of their exchange. Exchange students can also pay this fee through Flywire.  

Any other fees that you are charged are required to be paid approximately two weeks after the first day of classes. Please check the academic calendar for details on fee payment deadlines.



On-campus accommodation is recommended for exchange students who will be studying at the Mount Allison for one or two semesters.

There are eight different on-campus residences for exchange students to choose from, in either a single room or a double room. Students living on campus benefit from an unlimited meal plan at the University dining hall.  If students live on-campus they are required to purchase a meal plan.  

Once an exchange student receives their acceptance letter and pays the $100 registration deposit, they will be able to apply for residence via the university's online portal CONNECT@MTA.   For exchange students who will spend one semester at Mount Allison the residence deposit is $250. For exchange students who will spend one year at Mount Allison the residence deposit is $500.

Once the online residence application has been submitted the student will automatically receive an e-mail confirming receipt. No further action is required. The housing office will contact the student directly if any further information is required.


Applying for a visa or study permit

Most exchange students who come to Mount Allison for one semester (less than six months) do not require a study permit. For students studying at Mount Allison for more than one semester (more than six months), they must obtain a student permit prior to their arrival in Canada.

For a list of countries that require visas to enter Canada and for more information about the application process (including forms) visit:


Health insurance

All exchange students are required to have health insurance for the duration or their studies and will be automatically registered for the Mount Allison Students' Union's health insurance plan. For more information about health insurance for international students, including exchange students, please click here.


Financial matters and the cost of living in Sackville, New Brunswick

The cost of living in Eastern Canada is very reasonable and generally lower than the rest of Canada. That said, it can often cost more to travel places because there aren't as many options for getting here and getting away by train, bus, or plane.

Exchange students pay tuition to their home university so the only costs that they need to factor in are round-trip travel to and from the Moncton airport, accommodation, meal plan, insurance, fitness centre fees, and miscellaneous day-to-day expenses.