International Orientation is an important time for new international students to make new friends and become acquainted with Mount Allison and Sackville.

Facilitators play a vital role in ensuring that this time of adjustment goes smoothly and is fun!
Fall 2018 International Orientation runs from Monday, Aug. 27 to Thursday, Aug. 30.  Facilitators must also be available for training on Saturday, Aug. 25 and Sunday, Aug. 26.
Application deadline: Friday, March 9 at 4:30 p.m.

Personal information


MtA e-mail:

Phone number:

Home country/citizenship:


Year of study:


Short answer questions

Why are you interested in being an International Orientation Facilitator?

What do you believe are the main goals of International Orientation?

List your previous work/volunteer experience and extracurricular activities, giving the year(s), position/title, and a brief description of your work.

What personal qualities and/or skills would you bring to International Orientation as a facilitator?

Describe cross-cultural experiences you have had that might help prepare you for a role as International Orientation facilitator.