Become a mentor today!

Being a mentor gives you the opportunity:

  • to enhance your leadership and communication skills
  • for social interaction and networking, not only with your mentee, but with other Canadian and international students in the program
  • to feel gratified that you played a positive role in a first-year international student’s transition to university life at Mount Allison

Mentor eligibility

Mentors must:

  • be degree-seeking domestic or international students
  • have already completed at least one term (preferably one year) at Mount Allison
  • commit to meeting his/her mentee at least twice per month (through organized events and activities independent from the program) and attend the mentor training session in September

Upon completion, a certificate is granted to all mentors to acknowledge their participation in the program.

Student testimonials

“Being a mentor gave me the opportunity to make new friends from different programs of study, year levels, and from across the globe. As well, it helped me to build a deeper sense of belonging in not only the University community, but in the Sackville community. Being able to share these moments with my mentee was an experience to be cherished.”
-    Haruho Kubota (Japan)

“Being a mentor was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had at Mount Allison University. I enjoyed getting to know my mentee and learning about her culture. We were able to share our interests and experiences and I also learned how to make delicious Chinese food! I truly believe that the program gives as much to mentors as it does to mentees.”
-    Patricia Lawrenz (USA)