Please note

  • We are looking for International Residence Hosts for Hunton House, Bennett House and Bigelow House currently.  
  • One male and one female residence host will be required in each residence.  
  • Application deadline: Monday, Aug. 20, 2018 

First name:

Last name:


Birthday DD/MM/YY (optional):

Mount A e-mail:

Alternate e-mail:


Residence floor & room #:


Current year of study: 



Have you ever been formally involved with the International Centre before? (ie. Mentorship, MASSIE, Study Abroad or Exchange Programs) 


If yes, please provide describe your involvement:


Why would you like to be a International Residence Host?


Describe any relevant skills or experience that you bring to the role.



Residence hosts are expected to be able to move into residence on August 25th and be available and on-call from early morning on August 26th until late in the evening on August 28th as well as  maintain regular contact with the new international and MASSIE students throughout their time in residence. This does not mean that you need to be available all day, every day throughout the semester, though it does mean that you should be able to be available if someone requires assistance.

Do you foresee being able to arrive on August 25th, be available during the first three days of International Orientation and maintain close contact with the new international and MASSIE students for the duration of the program?


Do you have any personal, academic, or extracurricular commitments that may occasionally make it difficult for you to be available to assist with a student you are hosting in residence?


If yes, please provide details:


Is English your first language?


If no, what is your first language?


Do you speak any other languages?


If yes, what languages and at what proficiency?




What are some of your extracurricular interests?


*Please provide more specific information about the hobbies, interests, and extracurricular activities marked with an asterisk. The more detailed information you provide, the easier it will be for the International Affairs Coordinator to place students with similar interests in the same group in residence.



Should there be more applicants than the total number of residence hosts required, the co-ordinator will assign residence hosts in each residence in such a manner as to equitably represent the number of new international students in each residence with the number of residence hosts required.