Welcome MASSIE to residence

Residence life forms a central part of the Mount Allison student experience. The same holds true for students' MASSIE experience. The people that they meet, the friendships that they make, and the activities that they get involved in serve, in many ways, to define their MASSIE and Mount Allison experience.

To facilitate a positive residence experience for all the fall and winter MASSIE students, the program calls upon enthusiastic Mount Allison volunteers to sign up as MASSIE residence hosts (RHs). Ideally, MASSIE will enlist the help of at least two to three RHs in each residence where MASSIE have been assigned.

RHs welcome new MASSIE students to residence, assist with explaining house regulations, and take a lead role in helping new students navigate the ins and outs of getting settled in residence (e.g. pointing out laundry facilities, filling them in on house meetings, introducing them to other students on the floor/in the house, encouraging them to get involved in house events, etc.).

For students who are interested in being involved with the program but don't necessarily have the time to commit as conversation partners, the RH is a great option. You get to meet and develop friendships with all the MASSIE students on your floor/in your house. 

  • To apply, click on the appropriate application in the Useful Links side-bar.
  • For more detailed information about being an RH, click on the Duties & Responsibilities link.