Discover the program from the inside.

The success of the MASSIE Program depends in large part upon the enthusiasm and dedication of its many volunteers. Whether you sign up as a conversation partner, a summer residence assistant, or a partner family, you are sure to come away from the experience with new friendships and and cross-cultural discovery. 

In the same way that MASSIE has the potential to be a deeply impactful experience for the program's participants, it can be just as rewarding for its volunteers. Take a moment to learn more about the program and how you can get involved by reading below.  

Conversation partner (summer, fall, winter)  
Hang out, chat and make a new friend! Spend at least an hour per week in casual conversation with your assigned MASSIE partner.  

Residence assistant (summer) 
Live in residence with the summer MASSIE students as part of a team of Mount Allison student staff (paid position).

Partner family (summer)
Sign up to include two MASSIE students as part of your summer activities.  At least one meeting per month for four months.