Summer 2015 MASSIE Community Outreach Program
Japanese cooking lessons — July 6-30, 2015


Phone (work):

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Please check one to two menu item(s) of your choice:

  Maki Sushi (pre-rolled sushi): sticky rice, seaweed sheets* + any combination of the following ingredients: smoked salmon, tinned crab-meat, tinned tuna, shrimp, cucumber, avocados, carrots, eggs, wasabi

Temaki Sushi (roll-your-own sushi at the table): sticky rice, seaweed sheets*, eggs, avocados, crab meat, tinned tuna, cucumber, wasabi

Okonomiyaki (Japanese-style savoury pancake): flour, cabbage, eggs, green onions, bacon or thinly-sliced meat, shrimp or octopus, furidashi* (fish stock), okonomiyaki sauce* and/or mayo

Sukiyaki (sweet-flavoured hot-pot meal with everyone taking food from the same pot): eggs, thinly-sliced meat, onions, carrots, (enoki) mushrooms, thick Japanese udon noodles, tofu, bokchoi, sugar, soya sauce

Yakisoba / Yakiudon (Japanese fried noodles): yakisoba/udon noodles, carrots, cabbage, pork, yakisoba sauce*, ginger, seaweed (ao-nori)

Curry Rice: sticky rice, beef/chicken/pork, potatoes, onions, carrots, mushrooms, Japanese curry blocks*, sticky rice (substitute udon noodles for “curry udon”)

Miso Soup: miso paste*, green onions, (enoki) mushrooms, wakame (dried kelp)


Requested date:

Requested time (from-to):

Number of guests (excluding students):

Maximum number of students (how many would you like to host?):


It is the cooking host’s responsibility to provide the produce (meat and vegetables) ingredients after consulting with the students for advice on specific quantities and/or possible ingredient substitutes.

Students will bring the Japanese ingredients that are not commonly found in a Canadian grocery store.