The application deadline to be a partner family for the summer MASSIE session (mid-May to mid-August) is Friday, May 4th.  

Contact information
Family contact name(s):

Home address:

Daytime phone:

Evening phone:


Family members

Please list the first and last name, age, and gender of each of your family members:

Have you had experience with the MASSIE program before?


 If yes, please explain:


Why would you/your family like to be involved with the MASSIE program?

The information you provide on this application will assist the MASSIE co-ordinator in matching your family with two MASSIE students for the duration of the summer program.

The summer MASSIE students arrive in Sackville in early May and depart in late August. Partner families should contact their students before the Victoria Day long weekend and should meet before the end of May.

Partner families are asked to meet their students at least once every two weeks until the end of the summer.

Meetings can include — but are not limited to:

  • a family meal
  • a birthday party
  • an evening walk
  • a shopping trip to Moncton
  • an ice-cream run to Amherst
  • a day-trip to the beach
  • a weekend get-away to another Maritime location

The purpose of the partner family initiative is two-fold:

  • for the MASSIE students to be introduced to and included in ordinary family activities
  • to provide local families with an opportunity to learn more about Japan through friendly exchange at a personal level with two of our visiting MASSIE students

With this information in mind, please answer the following questions about your availability this summer:  

Do you foresee being able to meet your students a minimum of once every two weeks for the duration of the summer?


If no, please explain:


For liability purposes, it is legally necessary for all partner families to have a criminal record check done through the RCMP. Do you agree to comply with this provision?


If no, please explain:


Will you be available to meet your students before the end of May?


If not, when would you be available to meet?


Do you anticipate being away for an extended period of time this summer?


If yes, please indicate the dates you will be away:



Do you expect to be in Sackville when the MASSIE students leave in mid-August?


What language(s) do you/your family speak at home?


Do you have any pets?


If yes, what kind and how many?


Do you have a preference about the gender of your students?


If yes, what is your preference?


Do you prefer students who do/don't smoke?


Do you prefer students who do/don't drink alcohol?


What are some of your/your family's interests, routines, and activities?



Is there any special information (dietary, allergic, cultural) information that the students should know about you/your family?


If yes, please explain:


In the event that more families than are required apply, the MASSIE co-ordinator will assign students according to preferences indicated on their application forms.

For additional inquiries, please contact the program co-ordinator, Robin Walker, by telephone at 364-2176, or by e-mail at