The summer MASSIE program runs from April 30th to Aug. 10, 2019.

Application deadline: March 11, 2019

First name:

Last name:


Date of birth (DD/MM/YY):

MtA mailbox:

MtA e-mail:

Alternate e-mail:

Phone number:


Current year of study:  




I am interested in being considered for the following paid positions:


Have you ever been formally involved with the MASSIE program before?


 *If yes, please detail your involvement:


Why would you like to be a residence assistant with the MASSIE summer program?

Describe any relevant experience that you bring to the role:

Elaborate on what strengths, skills, and attributes you would bring to the RA team.

The summer MASSIE students arrive at the end of April and leave mid-August.

Based on this information, please answer the following questions:

Do you have previous experience as a residence assistant (MASSIE or otherwise)?


 *If yes, please indicate in what year you were an RA and in what residence:


Please elaborate on your reasons for wanting to stay in Sackville this summer.

MASSIE students take classes during the day, but are generally free in the evenings and on weekends. Will your free time largely coincide with the MASSIE students' free time?


*If no, please explain:

Do you have any work, academic, or personal commitments that may conflict with your RA duties?


*If yes, please explain:


Will you be in Sackville to move into residence 24-48 hours prior to the students' arrival?


*If no, when do you anticipate being able to move in?


Do you anticipate being able to remain in residence until the end of the summer program?


*If no, when do you anticipate leaving residence?


Do you have first-aid training?


*If yes, when were you last certified or re-certified? (DD/MM/YY)


Is English your first language?


*If no, what other languages do you speak?


Please provide more information about your interests, hobbies, activities, and extracurricular involvement.

For background reference check purposes, please list the name and e-mail address or telephone number of at least two people who can comment on your suitability as a residence assistant.

Reference #1 (include name, contact information, and their relationship to you):

Reference #2 (include name, contact information, and their relationship to you):