Summer 2017 MASSIE Residence Staff  


Annabel2 Annabel Baker-Sullivan 

Hi incoming MASSIE students! I’m really looking forward to meeting you. I’m Annabel, and I will be your RA and Residence Activities Coordinator for the summer. I have participated a lot in the MASSIE program before. I have been a roommate, a conversation partner and a residence host. I also studied abroad at KGU from 2015-2016, so I know Japan pretty well I would say (and what a study abroad is like!). My major is Modern Languages and my minor is International Relations. So looking forward to meeting and getting to know you!!! 


 Meg2 Meg Gates 

Hello everyone! My name is Megumi Gates and I will be the Head RA for the Summer 2017 MASSIE program! I am majoring in biochemistry and going into my third year at Mount Allison in the Fall. I have been involved as a MASSIE RA last summer, and as a conversation partner for the past few years. I love hiking, biking, baking and playing music! I am very excited to spend the summer with the MASSIE program and cannot wait to meet the students!

Chloe2 Chloe Lawson

“Hello everyone!!! My name is Chloe Lawson and I will be one of your Residence Assistants this summer. I have just finished my second-year as a Major in Political Science and minors in French and Sociology. I love to cook, be outdoors, and so much more! One fun fact about myself is that I am from Los Angeles, California and have three passports (France, Canada and the United States) I’m looking forward to meeting you this summer :) “