Frequently Asked Questions 

What is an exchange program? 
Under the terms of an exchange program, a Mount Allison student pays tuition to Mount Allison, but attends classes at an officially-recognized partner institution in a foreign country. In return, Mount Allison agrees to receive a student from the same partner institution. Over time, the total number of students exchanged between the two institutions should be equal.

How long is an exchange program?
An exchange program is generally one semester or one academic year. 

What is a study abroad program?
A study-abroad program tends to be set up on a one way basis and allows individual students or groups of students the opportunity to study at a partner university or institution on a short-term basis. 

How long is a study abroad program?
A study-abroad program can be as short as one month and as long as one semester. 4-8 weeks is common. 

How much do exchange and study-abroad programs cost? 
Exchange students pay tuition to their home university (i.e. Mount Allison). All other charges (e.g. housing, meals, textbooks, etc.) are the responsibility of the student to pay in the host country.
Study-abroad programs are set up differently. Some require students to pay MTA tuition, some require students to pay an all inclusive fee, and some require students to pay the host institution directly. Check with staff in Mount Allison's International Centre for costs and payment method. 

Are there any hidden costs? 
For exchange programs, students are responsible for the cost of a visa/study permit (if required), transportation to/from the host country, health/travel insurance, living expenses, and the $125 MTA study-abroad/exchange fee (to confirm participation following selection).
For study-abroad programs, many of these costs are included in the program fee. Check with the International Centre staff for complete details.  

Are letter grades received for courses taken on study-abroad or exchange programs? 
No. Credits will be assessed on a pass/fail basis.

What happens to my GPA if I study abroad or go on exchange?
Your GPA is frozen for the time you're away from Mount Allison. You return to MTA with the same GPA you left with.

How do my credits transfer back to MTA?
For exchange students, it is your responsibility to request that the host institution send a transcript to Mount Allison's Registrar's Office.  For study-abroad students going out on an MTA program, the transcripts will be sent to Mount Allison's Registrar's Office automatically.

Can I keep my scholarship during/after my study-abroad or exchange program? 
MTA scholarships can be applied to MTA tuition collected for MTA programs which are offered during the fall and winter terms only. MTA scholarships cannot be used to pay tuition for non-MTA programs. MTA students participating in university-approved programs (refer to Academic Calendar for a list of approved programs) can renew their scholarship(s) as long as criteria for renewability have been met. Consult with MTA's Financial Aid & Awards Counsellor prior to departure for more detailed information about the renewability criteria. 

Can I design my own study-abroad or exchange program? 
Yes, but you must research the university or program on your own to ensure they accept free-moving students from non-partner universities, obtain advanced LOP approval from the Registrar's Office for the courses that you plan to take, and pay the applicable tuition and fees directly to the host university or program.