Travelling as part of a Mount Allison group? Things to know before you go...  

The International Centre at Mount Allison supports groups of students travelling outside of Canada, whether it is for a varsity sport tournament to Bermuda, a Fine Arts trip to New York City, a Global Brigades spring break trip to Honduras, a Habitat for Humanity trip to Florida or another group trip that sees a group of Mount Allison students travelling together.

If your group is planning on travelling outside of Canada, it is recommended that in the planning stages of your trip (whether it is academic or non-academic in nature) to meet with the International Affairs Cordinator to discuss pre-departure preparations and the pre-departure responsibilities for each group member prior to departure.   

Pre-departure responsibilities for all students in the group 

1) Submit a completed  Form 1-B  (International Travel From) to the International Centre — To complete this form, students will need to have a valid passport that is good for at least six months after their return to Canada from their trip. Students must also provide their travel insurance policy information as it is a requirement to have adequate health and travel insurance to participate on an international trip with Mount Allison University.   

2) Submit a completed Form 1-C (International Travel Waiver) to the International Centre

3) Complete the online travel liability modules - otherwise known as SOS, this final step consists of online modules which help to prepare you for the risks associated with international travel. Each module takes approximately 30-40min to complete. You cannot proceed to the next module until you complete the preceding module successfully. Take your time so that you only have to do each module once. For more information on how to access SOS, visit the SOS section below.

IMPORTANT: you must successfully complete the SOS travel modules prior to the start of any international travel. The University is firm on this. It is a matter of personal and institutional liability. If you do not complete the modules prior to departure, the University reserves the right to rescind approval for your participation in the program or experience. For more information on how to register for the SOS modules, please contact the Study Abroad & Exchange Coordinator at


 International SOS travel modules

1)All students participating in a Mount Allison program for which there is international travel are required to complete the SOS International Travel Risk modules. Failure to complete the modules prior to the start of the program or travel may result in any of the following: removal from the trip, deregistration from the program, or suspension of academic credit.  
2)You will need to "register" and create an account with SOS International before you can complete the modules.   
3)To access the SOS International Travel Modules please visit:
4) Once you have completed the three modules successfully, you need to send PDF copies of the certificates to the International Affairs Coordinator by email or print the certificates off and bring them to the International Centre in person.   For more information about the steps involved in completing the SOS Travel Risk Modules, please contact the International Centre at