Mount Allison students are encouraged to combine an international experience with an opportunity for academic credit.

Experiential Learning (EXPL) credit is outlined in Section 11.11.3 of the Academic Calendar. 

To be eligible for academic credit, the independent experiential learning must satisfy the following criteria:

  • The experience is provided through an organization or institution which supports open inquiry and intellectual freedom.
  • The student must consult with an appropriate faculty supervisor to create a study plan. 
  • The study plan must be submitted to the Experiential Learning Committee for approval at least two months prior to the experience. The Chair of the Experiential Learning Committee will confirm the decision with the Registrar, including the course to which credit will be assigned.
  • The University's pre-departure forms must be completed through the International Centre.
  • Following the experience, the student must request a letter from the coordinator of the experience or program to be submitted to the faculty supervisor in order to confirm that the student completed the experiential learning program successfully. 

The study plan submitted to the Experiential Learning Committee must contain the following:

  • A brief description of the intended experiential learning, including beginning and ending dates 
  • An overview of the sponsoring organization and supporting documentation on the particular program, including a letter of acceptance noting the student's involvement
  • A description of any academic components required before or during the program (such as public seminars, pre-departure sessions, academic or cultural preparation)
  • A plan for the academic evaluation of the experience that demonstrates its contribution to the student's scholarly development 
  • An outline of an analytical assignment to form the basis for the assigning of academic credit

Credit Assessment:

  • All elements of the study plan must be completed before credit will be assigned. 
  • Normally, three credits (to a maximum of six credits) may be assigned to an independent experiential learning course. 
  • A maximum of six credits total may be included in a student's degree from this mechanism. 
  • A letter grade will be assessed for the credit.
  • Credit obtained from the independent experiential learning cannot be used to fulfill distribution requirements.
  • Students should have third year standing at the time of course approval, as the credit will be assessed at the 3/4000 level.