Interested in a doing an internship abroad during your time at Mount Allison?
This page has information for Mount Allison students interested in international internship opportunities either directly or in-directly through the University. It is also a landing page for funding opportunities for students who have applied for and received an internship outside of Canada.
Mount Allison has several organizations that it has agreements with for students to complete an internship with. Internships are meant to complement the academic experience at Mount Allison and offer some pre-professional work experience.

1. Internships that take place outside of Canada that Mount Allison has partnerships with:

Washington Center

The Washington Center is a non-profit educational organization that offers students from around the world opportunities to work in the private, government, and non-profit sectors in the Washington, D.C. area in combination with professional training and academic courses.

The internships are part of The Washington Center’s NAFTA Leaders Program that gives students training that highlights the North American economic, social, and cultural environment. It also develops mutual understanding and builds relationships between Canadian interns and those from the United States and Mexico and other parts of the world.

Students from a range of areas of study can take part in the program and are placed according to their interests. The students spend four days a week at their placements and spend the fifth day doing course work and attending such events as the Presidential Lecture Series, Congressional Speaker Series, Embassy briefings, and workshops. There is a fall semester, winter semester, and summer program.

Carter Center

2. Funding for international international internships through Mount Allison:

1) Mansbridge Internship

2) Bombardier International Travel Grant


3. Receiving Independent Experiential Learning Credit (EXPL) for your international internship:

Mount Allison students who are interested in combining an international experience with an opportunity for academic credit are encouraged to learn more about the Independent Experiential Learning (EXPL) Credit. For more detailed information consult Section 11.11.3 of the Academic Calendar or click on the adjacent link.

4. The pre-departure process
Mount Allison students who intend to receive funding for their experience and/or intend to receive academic credit (EXPL) are required to complete some pre-departure tasks prior to the start of their internship. Find out more about the pre-departure process.