Bombardier International Travel Grant

Visionary, inventor, and entrepreneur, Joseph-Armand Bombardier (1907-1964) was a highly committed and internationally recognized philanthropist with a strong sense of community and corporate responsibility. In his memory, the J. Armand Bombardier Foundation has generously established the Bombardier International Travel Grant. 

This grant is designed to provide Mount Allison students with an opportunity to develop their own sense of social responsibility and leadership.  Each year this grant will provide support for travel costs to a returning Mount Allison student(s) whose goal is to make a positive impact in a country in the Global South by conducting research with a non-governmental organization, a research institute or by collaborating with the non-profit sector on an internship or special project. 

Choosing a Partner Organization 
When applying for the Bombardier International Travel Grant, students must have already sought out a potential position within an organization. This position can be as a volunteer, intern, or research assistant. When choosing a partner organization, it is important that the organization has a vision, mission, goals and values that promote equality and encourage participation by individuals of any race, ethnicity, nation or origin, first language, socio-economic status, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, and/or ability. Partner organizations should:

  • facilitate opportunities for the intern to engage actively with the local community 
  • provide formal/informal support and mentorship for the student
  • ensure that the cross-cultural interaction is an enriching experience for the intern
  • provide opportunity for students to enrich their leadership capabilities


Upon Completion of the Project
Once the research, internship, or special project finishes, the adjudication committee requires a 5-6 page summary report of the intern’s experience and a financial report. The student must also complete a debrief survey, and give a public lecture to share the results of their experience. Reports and survey must be submitted within one month of the internship being concluded. Failure to do so may result in the revocation of the internship and return of funds provided. The lecture must be delivered during International Education Month (October).

Past Recipients
2012 - Yuki Noritake attended a Challenge of Balance program, a course offered by the Centre for Science and Environment in New Delhi.
2013 - Margaret Kromminga worked for the Church of Central Africa in Zambia
2014 - Morgan McGinn did a field school in Brazil
2015 - Gillian Schmid spent six weeks in Mysore, India researching with the Swami Vivekanada Youth Movement
2016 - Cassidy Phillips did observational research in China exploring the contemporary religious landscape
2018 - Bob Hicks spent eight weeks in Mumbai, India observing and shadowing psychiatrists, psychologists and hospital staff in the psychiatric ward of the MGM Kamothe hospital.  
2018 - Matthew Roberts spent ten weeks interning at the Organization of American States (OAS).    
2019 - Claire Genest spent twelves week interning at the International Presentation Association (IPA) in New York City at the UN Headquarters