Learning Assessment Plan

When applying for an international travel award, you must outline ways to track your learning throughout your experience. We suggest creating a learning assessment plan that includes the following:

  • a statement on your learning objectives for the internship, research, or special project - identify the knowledge, skills, values, attitudes, and/or behaviours you aim to acquire through this experience
  • a statement on learning outcomes - what you hope to know and be able to do by the end of your experience¬†
  • an explanation of what steps you will take to achieve your learning objectives and outcomes
  • an explanation of how you plan to keep track of your learning - a good suggestion is to write weekly reflections on your progress. This method allows students to adjust their learning goals and outcomes along the way when necessary and provides opportunity to reflect on any challenges they encounter.¬†
  • an explanation on how you plan to integrate and apply the knowledge you acquire upon your return