Interested in doing research or an internship abroad in Summer 2020 through Mount Allison?  The International Travel Awards Application is now available.    The application deadline is January 31, 2020.  Consider these options for funding:


The Mansbridge Internship
What: $10,000 provided to the Mansbridge intern to cover travel costs & living expenses associated with working or researching abroad with an international organization of the students' choosing. It is meant to provide Mount Allison students with a unique leadership opportunity and to encourage active participation in our increasingly globalized and interconnected society.  
Who: The internship is open to students in their third year of academic studies who will be returning to Mount Allison upon completion of the internship. A minimum SGPA of 3.2 is required, but students from any discipline are eligible.  Interns are responsible for all aspects of their internship, including working with the sponsoring organization to confirm all details of their experience.  

  • Build on both the academic and extracurricular experience  
  • Be framed as a pre-professional experience 
  • Develop essential leadership skills and abilities  
  • Encourage and support travel to communities outside the intern’s normal experience

More information on the Mansbridge Internship can be found here. 

The Bombardier International Travel Grant   
What: A minimum amount of $5,000 is available for students who aim to make a positive impact in a developing country by conducting research with a non-governmental organization or by collaborating with the non-profit sector on an internship or a special project.  
Who: This grant is open to students who are or will be beyond their 1st year of academic studies at time of implementing or completing the internship. Students must be returning to study at Mount Allison following their travel. To be eligible, students must have a minimum term GPA of 3.2. This grant is open to students from any discipline.

  • Allow students to develop their own sense of social responsibility and leadership   
  • Provide support for a student's travel costs    

More information on the Bombardier International Travel Grant can be found here.


The Cedric Ritchie Global Engagement Award
What: $5,000 to support Canadian students in thinking beyond what they know, and reaching beyond their comfort level. This award can be used to cover program fees, travel and living expenses abroad. 
Who: Students must be Canadian and in good academic standing. The travel should take place in the student's third year, or the following summer. Preference will be given to students traveling where Scotiabank has operations. 
Purpose: Travel should relate to the students field of study.



Ross Quinlan Memorial Travel Grant

What: One-two grants awarded annually, with a minimum value of $2,000.
Who: Preference is given to students from Sackville NB, area or Prince Edward Island.

Purpose: Grant to cover students’ travel, registration, and accommodation costs associated with experiential learning initiatives at Mount Allison University, including but not limited to internships, community series learning, case competitions, summer research, and academic exchanges.


For information on additional funding opportunities:

Visit our webpage detailing available travel grants and bursaries, or contact the financial aid and awards counsellor (