Application deadline: March 13, 2018


  • This application is for current Mount Allison students only who are interested in participating in a summer exchange at one of our partner universities 
  • You must have a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of above 2.5 to apply to any exchange program

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Expected date of graduation (month/year):

CGPA: (cumulative grade point average — must be above 2.5)

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Program information

The following summer exchange programs are administered by Mount Allison and its affiliated partners. There are no language requirements for any of these programs.



Please indicate the program(s) for which you wish to be considered. If you wish to be considered for more than one program, please list your programs in order of preference.

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Second choice:


Exchange application questions

Please answer each of the following questions in 500 words or less.

Why are you interested in going on exchange to your first choice?
Why are you interested in going on exchange to your second choice?
What personal qualities do you feel you have that would make you well-prepared for an exchange?
How do you see an exchange tying in with your personal, academic, and long-term goals?
Participating in an exchange carries with it some additional costs (e.g. airfare, student visa, additional insurance, cost of living, etc.) Please explain how you intend to cover these additional costs. 


By checking this box, you grant Mount Allison's registrar permission to release an unofficial transcript for the purposes of your application.