Summer 2018 Cross Cultural College (CCC)

Join students from Queen's, the University of Toronto, Kwansei Gakuin University (KGU) and Mount Allison as part of a jointly-developed certificate program that focuses on contemporary issues in Japanese and Canadian business, politics and culture. All courses are taught in English. Knowledge of Japanese is helpful but not a requirement. Where/when applicable, tuition is paid to Mount Allison, but any program-related charges are paid directly to KGU. Japanese government scholarships are available.   


Program Overview

In the Summer, there are two programs available, the Global Career Seminar and the Global Internship Japan. Mount Allison students may choose to participate in one or both of the programs. 

The Global Career Seminar (August 1-10, 2018) aims to introduce current business issues, and to provide students with an opportunity to analyze and find solutions for actual problems assigned to them by real companies and organizations. During this seminar, lectures and discussions with peers and company executives will take place. At the end of the seminar, final presentations will be made to the representatives of the companies and organizations that proposed the problems. Some of the companies involved in the Summer 2017 program included the Embassy of Canada, IBM, Ricoh, and the Kao Corporation.

The Global Internship Japan (August 16-31, 2018) aims to introduce students to business concepts and social issues that are being dealt with by transnational companies and public organizations in Japan. This program provides students with an opportunity to experience and analyze practical issues through and internship. By taking this course, students will improve their understanding of Japanese business/social issues, and cross-cultural cooperation.

Pre-Seminar Sessions: Each program has mandatory online Pre-Seminar Sessions to ensure students are prepared for the courses. 10 Pre-Seminar Sessions will be conducted in the early summer prior to the Global Career Seminar, and 2 Pre-Seminar Sessions will be conducted in July prior to the Global Internship Japan.


Eligibility: To be eligible, applicants must have completed two semesters of study at their home university as of June 2018. 
Placements: Mount Allison has 7 placements available for the global career seminar, and 3 placements available for the Global Internship. 
To Apply: Complete the application under the useful links tab by Tuesday, March 6th.


3 credits will be awarded from KGU for each program. Credits awarded by KGU will be recognized and transferred to Mount Allison at the 2000 level.


Tuition fees: Participating students must pay applicable tuition fees to Mount Allison on a per credit basis. If a student participates in one program, they will pay for one 3-credit course. If a student participates in both programs, they will pay for two 3-credit courses.  

Program fees: Students must pay the program fees to KGU. This does not include meals and transportation cost. Students are responsible for arranging and financing their travel to and from Japan as well as the commuting cost to and from Kwansei Gakuin University during the program. 

Scholarship: The Japan Association Student Service Organization (JASSO) offers scholarships of 80,000 JPY to qualifying participating students. For more information, see the JASSO scholarship guide under the useful links tab.  


KGU will arrange shared accommodation (without meals) for the participants during the programs. Accommodation costs will be included in the program fee.
Note: Students that wish to participate in both programs must find their own accommodation between August 11-15, 2018.