Summer 2019 Cross Cultural College (CCC) in Japan  
Study and intern this summer in Japan! Join students from Queen's, the University of Toronto, Kwansei Gakuin University (KGU) in August 2019 as part of a jointly-developed certificate program that focuses on contemporary issues in Japanese and Canadian business, politics and culture. 
The Cross-Cultural College (CCC) program has two components: the Global Career Seminar "GCS"(August 1-10th), and the Global Internship "GI Japan" (August 16-31). “GCS in Japan” is a 3-credit course, consisting of approximately ten online pre-seminar sessions and a 10-days collaborative research session at Kwansei Gakuin University located just outside of Osaka in Nishinomiya. A total of 50 students will work together to analyze and solve real business issues posed by industry representatives. “GI Japan” is a 2-week, 3-credit course held in Japan. After preparatory study at Kwansei Gakuin University, you and your Japanese partner, a student from KGU, will work together for 10 days, gaining practical experience in a real business environment in Japan. Internship locations will be allocated before students arrive in Japan, and they may be placed not only in the Kansai area, but also in Tokyo and other regions. After completing their internship, students will make a presentation and write a report on their findings. Mount Allison students can take part in one or both components of the program. There are seven spots for MTA students in the GCS and three spots for MTA students in the GI Japan.  All courses are taught in English. Japanese government scholarships valued at 80,000 yen ($800 CAN) are available to students who meet the eligibility criteria to help cover the program cost.  


Program Overview

The Global Career Seminar (August 1-10, 2019) aims to introduce current business issues and to provide students with an opportunity to analyze and find solutions for actual problems assigned to them by real companies and organizations. During this seminar, lectures and discussions with peers and company executives will take place. At the end of the seminar, final presentations will be made to the representatives of the companies and organizations that proposed the problems. 

Pre-Seminar Sessions: The Global Career Seminar program has mandatory online pre-seminar sessions to ensure students are prepared for the courses. 10 pre-seminar sessions will be conducted beginning in May until July to the Global Career Seminar.  
The Global Internship (August 16-31, 2019) aims to offer a real internship in a Japanese company or organization. During this program, students will be paired with a Japanese partner and they will spend two days initially together with the group preparing for their internship.  You and your Japanese partner will then will participate in your internship for 10 days and will gain valuable work experience and insight into the Japanese workplace.  After your internship you will return to KGU to spend the final two days reflecting on your experience and will present on your internship findings.   


Eligibility: To be eligible, applicants must have completed two semesters of study at their home university as of April 2019.   
Placements: Mount Allison has 7 placements available for the global career seminar and 3 placements for the Global Internship 
To Apply: Complete the application under the useful links tab as soon as possible* Deadline is rolling until all spots are filled.      


3 credits will be awarded from KGU for each course or 6 if students complete both.   Credits awarded by KGU will be recognized and transferred to Mount Allison as Global Studies at the 2000 level.  Students who wish to use these credits towards degree requirements of a major or minor should consult their faculty advisor and ask that a note be appended to their degree audit form that will confirm that one or several of the courses taken on the program will fulfill the necessary degree requirement.  


Tuition fees: Tuition is paid per credit (3 credits per course).  

Program fees: Students must pay program fees directly to KGU.  The program fee is 81,000 Japanese yen (approximately $1000 CAN) for the GCS.  The program fee is 181,000 Japanese yen (approximately $2,170) for the GI.  The program fee is 251,000 Japanese yen for both the GCS and GI.  This program fee covers the cost of accommodation, some transportation within Japan and the administrative fee.   Students are responsible for return airfare of getting to and from Japan.    

Scholarship: The Japanese government (JASSO) offers scholarships valued at 80,000 YEN to students who have a 2.5 GPA at the time of application to help offset the cost of the program fees.  Students who participate in one or both programs can receive the scholarship.  


KGU will arrange shared accommodation (without meals) for the participants during the programs.