Kwansei Gakuin University

Academic information

Faculty focus: Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences

Discipline focus: Japanese, Linguistics, Political Science, History, International Relations

Program focus: There are two study tracks for exchange students to choose from: (1) Japanese Language Track (JLT) and (2) Modern Japan Track (MJT).

JLT is for students who wish to develop their command of the Japanese language by concentrating on Japanese Language Studies. Students in the JLT can apply to be paired with KGU students as Japanese conversation partners to meet once a week for the duration of the semester. Students wishing to participate in this track must have completed both Intro to Japanese 1001 and 1011.

MJT is for students who wish to study various aspects of modern Japan. The Modern Japan Track courses are all taught in English. No previous knowledge of Japanese is required. This track offers electives in International Studies, Business and Accounting, and intro to Japanese language.

Credit details: 3 credits (avg) per course/ 12-15 credits per semester


Financial information

Tuition: paid directly to Mount Allison
Accommodation (one term):
270,000 ¥ (Homestay)
Transportation: $1,500-$2,200 CAD round-trip to Osaka Itami (from Halifax)
Visa: If you are from Atlantic Canada or are living in Atlantic Canada, exchange students must present their visa application in person at the Japanese Consulate General in Montreal.
Insurance: 6,000-10,000 ¥ for mandatory insurance + MASU or private health insurance is required



The Center for International Education and Cooperation at Kwansei Gakuin University guarantees accommodations to incoming exchange students and as a basic rule, this accommodation will be in the form of a homestay.

Students are nomally provided with their own room, furnished with bedding, wardrobe, desk, chair, and heater. While living with a host family, students are provided with breakfast and dinner from Monday to Friday and three meals on Saturday, Sunday, and Japanese National Holidays. A limited number of dormitory spaces are available for exchange students as well.


Visa information

Mount Allison students ordinarily apply for a visa through the Consulate General of Japan at Montreal. The Consulate is responsible for all applications from New Brunswick.

Contact the Consulate directly if you intend to apply at/through a different visa centre.

For more information about the visa application process, visit the Consulate General of Japan website provided in the "links" section.