Universite Angers

Academic information

Faculty focus: Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences
Discipline focus: Modern languages and literature, History, Geography, Economics, Psychology, Computer Science, Math, Chemistry, Physics  
Internship details: Following the exchange semester, students will be placed in an internship in a related field. 


Financial information

Tuition: paid directly to Mount Allison
Accommodation (one term): $400 per month in university residences 
Transportation: Airfare round trip from Halifax $1,500-$2,000 CAD
Visa: Students require a visa if they are staying in France longer than three months.
Insurance: MASU or private health insurance ($200-$400 CAD per semester)



Residence is available for exchange students, but placements are subject to availability. Residence rooms have a private bathroom and students in residence will have access to a communal kitchen. All residence rooms come furnished. 

If you apply but cannot get a room in one of the university halls of residence, a list of youth hostels or homes will be sent to you by email. 

Finally, if you prefer to rent private accommodation, contact the C.L.O.U.S. (Local Centre for School and University Services), and they will help you find suitable accommodation.
Tel : 02 30 06 02 49


Visa information

Canadian citizens who plan to stay in France longer than 90 days must apply for a visa before they go to France.
They are required to send their visa application by mail, in an express post envelope, to the following address: 

Consulat général de France à Montréal 
Service des visas 
1501, rue McGill College – suite 1000 
Montreal, QC  H3A 3M8  

A pre-paid Xpresspost envelope (size 241x318mm) must be included with your application to return your passport and visa. Envelopes from courier services like Purolator, Fedex, and UPS are not accepted.  

Application processing times are between two and three weeks. The visa is free. Originals documents which are not photocopied will not be returned.