Academic information

Subjects: American Studies, Anthropology and Conservation, Archaeology, Architecture, Arts, Bioscience, Business, Computing, Digital Arts and Design, Drama and Theatre, Economics, Engineering, English Literature and Film, Health and Social Care, History, Journalism, Languages and Linguistics, Law, Liberal Arts, Mathematics, Music, Pharmacy, Philosophy, Physical Sciences, Politics and International Relations, Psychology, Religious Studies, Sociology, Social Policy, Criminology, Sports Science

Credit details: Courses at the University of Kent are called modules. Each module is 15 credits. MTA exchange students at the University of Kent should take 4 modules per semester (if each module is 15 credits), this is equivalent to a full time MTA course-load.    


Financial information

Tuition: paid directly to Mount Allison
Accommodation (one term): 250-500 Euros per month
Transportation: $1,500-$1,800 CAD round-trip (from Halifax)
Visa: n/a
Insurance: MASU or private health insurance required ($200-$400 per semester)



Students who start their studies in September are given the option of living on campus, providing they submit their application by the end of July. Accommodation on campus is either in colleges or in self-catered houses or flats. Students who would prefer to live off campus can seek out their own private accommodation.