Uni Southern Denmark

Academic information

Subjects: the programs of study include Economics, English Literature, European Studies, Scandinavian Studies, Business Administration, and Engineering. This exchange is ideal for MTA students taking a BComm or BA in International Relations, English, Economics, Commerce or Sociology

Note: Many English courses at USD are Master's level courses and exchange students are required to have a minimum of three years of undergraduate work completed in order to be permitted to take these courses

Credits: Each course is either worth 5 or 10 (ECTS) credits. A full course load = 30 ECTS credits (the equivalent to a full time MTA course load of 15 credits) 
MtA students at Southern Denmark should be enrolled in 6 courses that are worth 5 ECTS credits each, or 3 courses that are worth 10 ECTS credits, or a combination of courses that amount to 30 ECTS credits. 


Financial information

Tuition: paid directly to Mount Allison
Accommodation (one term):
1,900-2,600 DKK (253-347 Euro) per month
Transportation: $1,300-$1,800 CAD round-trip (from Halifax)
Visa:1,700 DKK (288 Euro)
Insurance:MASU or independent private insurance required



All five campuses guarantee accommodation for students from partner universities if they have received a complete application by the application deadline.


Visa information

Any student studying for more than three months in Denmark must apply for a residence permit. Canadian citizens must apply for a residence permit through the Danish Embassy or Consulate in Canada at least three months before the semester starts.