5Q: Business of Science Intern Savannah Forsey
8/21/2018 10:34:36 AM

Savannah Forsey is a fourth-year student from Grand Bank, NL pursuing a double degree in Commerce and Science with a major in psychology and minor in biology.


SavannahForsey_BusinessofScience1. What is your summer internship?

My internship as the Business of Science Intern is through the Ron Joyce Centre for Business Studies under the supervision of Dr. Sandy MacIver. The main goal of the internship is to plan the Business of Science Workshop and panel discussion to take place in September.

The workshop is built through collaboration between the Commerce and Science communities at Mount Allison. This year’s workshop will take place Sept. 14-16 and will give student teams of mixed disciplines the chance to evaluate current research within Mount Allison and propose models for commercialization. Through the incorporation of local entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and various individuals in the entrepreneurial field as guest speakers the hope is to provide students with a first-hand view of the success that is possible through the combination of the disciplines of Science and Commerce.


2. What is the best thing about spending the summer in Sackville?

Being in Sackville during the summer means being part of an even smaller population of students than in the school year. It’s absolutely lovely to have the opportunity to meet even more people and create additional friendships and connections that you may not have had otherwise.


3. What are you involved in on campus?

Throughout the past year I was involved with the Mount Allison Students’ Union (MASU) as the photographer, graphic designer, and co-editor of the yearbook, the Allisonian. As well, I participated in Mount Allisons’ Global Brigades Chapter and was involved in Healthcare Outreach’s Movember calendar and fund raising events. For the upcoming year I am involved in the Orientation Committee as the health and wellness chair and the Argosy as a photographer.


4. What are you most looking forward to next year?

I am looking forward to taking more classes focused on my areas of passion. It’s taken some time to figure out what exactly those are and it will be exciting to finally see my two degrees piece together as I work towards completing them to graduate in 2020. I’m especially looking forward to taking a photography course in the fall as photography has been a large part of my life and involvement in the Mount Allison community and it will be great to learn about film photography processing and development.


5. What is one piece of advice you would give to your first-year self?

Get involved — Mount A is a small campus with short walking distances from place to place, which means you can do a lot and meet a lot of people! Introduce yourself to everyone, take time to listen to them, and get to know them. Nothing is greater than having a campus filled with familiar and friendly faces.