Meet Mount Allison’s Bookstore team
4/8/2019 9:54:34 AM

MtABookstorestaffChances are, for most students, the Mount Allison University Bookstore was likely one of their first stops on campus. After all, this is the team that manages the essential student ID cards, Mountie Money access and, of course, text books. The Bookstore is also home to a number of campus services, carried out by a caring and hardworking staff of seven.

Bookstore staff include Cindy Allan (manager), Laura Acton (high speed copier technician), Ian Allen (mail coordinator), Tracey Carroll (textbook/merchandise buyer), Nick Estabrooks (shipping and receiving coordinator), Jennifer Estabrooks (bookstore assistant), and Jessalyn Hart (support clerk / Fine Arts buyer).

“The Bookstore staff is a great team,” says Allan. “They want to ensure our students are taken care of, especially during the busiest times of the school year.”

Located on the ground floor of the Wallace McCain Student Centre, the Bookstore carries everything students need for classes, from books and e-books, stationery, and Fine Arts supplies.

“The University sells all textbooks, both print and e-versions, at cost, to ensure the best pricing is passed along to our students,” says Allan. “We also host used book buy backs about four times a year. This helps build our supply of used books for students and allows them to reuse books when possible.”

The store is also home to campus mail services, where all students, both those living on and off campus, can pick up mail and parcels, as well as a printshop and is the source for all official Mount Allison clothing and apparel. The printing press produces everything from event posters to bound thesis and conference poster presentations for student researchers and faculty members.

“Along with University-branded apparel, our shop assists students in projects like residence clothing and swag, and facilitates grad gown and cap rentals for graduation photos and Convocation, as well as grad rings through an independent supplier,” says Allan. “If students have an idea for a branded item for their residence or club, we encourage them to come talk to us.”

New this year, graduating students will head to the Bookstore to pick up their caps and gowns directly from store staff for Convocation ceremonies.

As the academic year winds down and students prepare for the summer, Allan says any students graduating or leaving university should ensure they update their mailing address as part of their preparations. At peak times, the shop can see over 200 parcels come in for students in a single day. Once received, students are automatically sent an e-mail through their Mount Allison student account to let them know it’s arrived.

“Students need to update their address with us before leaving university so we have a place to forward any mail or packages that may come in,” says Allan. “We will happily forward mail along if we know where to send it.”

With many staff members having worked at the University for several years, Allan says the shop’s staff works to make the lives of students a little easier.

“We’re here for the students. If we can help them out and make things easier, whether it’s finding a certain textbook or helping to create the perfect residence t-shirt, we’re happy to help,” says Allan. “Or, since we have all been on campus for a number of years, our team is also happy to point students to other resources on campus that they might not yet know about.”

The Mount Allison University Bookstore is open 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (4 p.m. in the summer), Monday to Friday. Find out more about their services at  

Photo caption (l-r), Mount Allison's Bookstore staff Jessalyn Hart, Tracey Carroll, Ian Allen, Nick Estabrooks, Jennifer Estabrooks, Cindy Allan, and Laura Acton