5Q: Tantramar COVID-19 Task Force Communications Coordinator Rohin Minocha-McKenney
8/20/2020 11:28:37 AM

rohin_mainRohin Minocha-McKenney is a second-year biochemistry student from Amherst, NS. He is working this summer as the communications coordinator for the Tantramar COVID-19 Task Force and is the incoming President of Windsor Hall residence.

1.    What is your summer internship?

This summer, I am the Communications Coordinator for the Tantramar COVID-19 Task Force, a task force that was formed under the MLA, Mayors and Chief of Tantramar. Through this internship, I operate all the social media, distribution lists, phone lines, and enquiry email of the task force. As well, I act as a contact for media and other groups. I also have a large role in graphic design and implementation of programming for the task force, including flyers, press releases, and more.

2.    What do you hope to take away from this experience?
I hope to be able to develop my skills in communication, community development, and my overall understanding of how to react during times of crisis. This position has given me an opportunity to develop in all these aspects and obtain new skills that I can take with me throughout my life. Not just in communications-related fields, but in a whole plethora of fields where the primary goal is to develop and help our community.

3.    What has been your favourite part of the internship experience so far?
I have by far loved the people I am working with the most! I don’t know if I will ever get a chance to work with people who are more driven, community minded, and have so much experience in dedicating their lives to the community. The amount of insight, knowledge, and compassion in the numerous amounts of people I work with is outstanding and inspiring.

4.    What extracurriculars are you involved in on and off campus?
I am currently the President of Windsor Hall, a volunteer with the MASU’s First-Year Caucus and its implementation, a media coordinator for an upcoming election, a board member/volunteer on the Amherst Valentines Run planning committee, and I am planning this coming year to also be joining a variety of MASU committees and any other volunteer opportunities that may come up.

5.    What is one piece of advice you would give to your first-year self?
I would tell my first-year self to savour the year and take advantage of all it has to offer. You will meet so many new people and you should actively try and meet all that you can because many of them will be your lifelong friends. Your first year will be full of so much to try, try it all! You are only in first year once, so enjoy it. Also, don’t forget toilet paper!


Bonus question: How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your internship?
Even with how horrible COVID-19 has been for our world, this internship and this Task Force is one of the many good things that this pandemic has produced. COVID-19 may be something that has caused so much bad, but the good it has also produced is a true testament to our collective humanity and willingness to help others.