2019-20 Mount Allison University Deans’ List
12/15/2020 3:12:19 PM

Over 400 Mount Allison University students were recently lauded for their academic endeavours this past year. 429 students from across all academic disciplines were named to the Deans’ List for 2019-20 with many others receiving departmental awards for exemplary achievements in their areas of study.

“We know this year has been a particularly challenging one for our students, as they continued their studies in different formats and environments than what they were used to at Mount Allison,” says Dean of Arts Vicki St. Pierre. “On behalf of the Deans’ Office, we would like to congratulate all students on these achievements and wish them the best in forthcoming winter term.”

In lieu of a Deans’ List gathering this year due to the pandemic, many of the departments did videos or held Zoom meetings to celebrate the award winners.

The Deans’ List standing is assessed annually following the end of the winter term in April. In order to be listed, students must complete at least 30 credits over the academic session and achieve a GPA of at least 3.7.

2019-20 Deans’ List students can be viewed at: https://www.mta.ca/Community/Governance_and_admin/Deans/Deans_list/Deans__list/. Departmental Award recipient information will be updated as available.
Photo caption: A political science class held outside on the Mount Allison campus, Fall 2020.