DESUMA is tool resulting from the integration of the UMDES library of routines for the study of discrete-event systems (developed at the University of Michigan) within GIDDES.

The UMDES functions are integrated into GIDDES using the plugin functionality.

The UMDES-LIB is a library of C routines written for the study of discrete event systems modeled by finite-state machines (FSM's). There are routines for the manipulation of FSM's, routines that implement many of the operations of supervisory control theory, and routines that implement the methodology developed at University of Michigan for failure diagnosis of discrete event systems.

DESUMA is designed to respect the Windows User Interface guideline, thus users can expect a familiar and intuitive user interface.

DESUMA is compatable with Sun Microsystem's J2SE 1.5.0. The automatic graph layout software in DESUMA is powered by JGraph.

To see screenshots of DESUMA in action, please visit the Screenshots section.

Download DESUMA
Latest Version of DESUMA:
To download the latest version of DESUMA, please fill out the University of Michigan Download Form to receive the download link.

Help with DESUMA
UMDES-LIB Contact Information:
Please e-mail questions to Although they are unable to provide full technical support, they will do their best to help.