GIDDES is a software tool for the design, analysis and control of discrete-event systems.

Written entirely in Java, GIDDES exists in several formats: as a stand-alone tool and as a graphical front-end for other discrete-event system software tools. These tools can be incorporated into GIDDES using its plug-in architecture.

GIDDES is designed to respect the Windows User Interface guideline, thus users can expect a familiar and intuitive user interface.

GIDDES is compatable with Sun Microsystem's J2SE 1.5.0. The automatic graph layout software in GIDDES is powered by JGraph.


Download a copy of GIDDES
Latest Version of GIDDES:

GIDDES Version 1.0.1 - 19 September 2006


All files are in PDF format.

Users Guide to GIDDES:
This document provides a beginnner's guide to using the GIDDES program. Most basic questions are answered here.
Users Guide

Plugins Manual for GIDDES:
This document gives detailed instructions on how to create your own plugin for GIDDES.
Plugins Manual

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