Meet The Metal Heads!

Viveka 2020
Viveka Kulkarni
'Redox Active Bismuth Dithiolate Complexes'

Alex M 2020   
Alex MacDonald
'Redox Active Diindane Compounds'

Padma 2020   
Padma Srinivasan
'Redox Active Indium Amino-Thiolate Complexes'
Alex S 2020      
Alex Stockli
'Redox Active Indium Dithiolate Complexes'

Glen 2019      

Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals


 Andreas 2016

Dr. Andreas Decken
University of New Brunswick

X-ray Crystallography
Jason Masuda 

Dr. Jason Masuda
Saint Mary's University

X-ray Crystallography
Fran Kerton 

Dr. Fran Kerton
Memorial University of Newfoundland

Biodegradable Polymers


Shaver 2016

Dr. Michael Shaver
University of Edinburgh

Biodegradable Polymers


 Ralf Bruning 2017

Dr. Ralf Bruening
Mount Allison University

X-ray Powder Diffraction

Adrian 2016 
Dr. Adrian Culf
Sussex Research Laboratories, Inc.
Medicinal Chemistry
Gabriele 2016   
Dr. Gabriele Schatte
Queen's University

X-ray Crystallography
Schorko 2016   
Dr. Robert Schurko
University of Windsor

Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy