The committee meets three times each year (January, April, September). Expedited reviews outside of meeting times may be considered in exceptional circumstances.

Application and Submission Instructions

All submissions to the Animal Care Committee are to be submitted using the ROMEO @ MTA on-line application system, only. This includes new protocols, reports, renewals, and requests for amendments.  Please refer to these detailed instructions for submitting using ROMEO @ MTA.
(Note: The system works best in Firefox or Google Chrome, and Safari and Internet Explorer on some devices.)


Applications for teaching protocols  have changed, effective March 2019.  The Assessment of Pedagogical Merit form is no longer required.  Applicants must complete the questions found on the 'Pedagogical Merit' sub-tab in 'Animal Use' tab of their application in ROMEO in order for their protocols to be assessed. Teaching protocols will  be assessed by a joint Psychology-Biology "Pedagogical Review Committee" for pedagogical merit prior to review by the Animal Care Committee.

Applications for use of Invertebrates and Tissues Obtained at Necropsy may be submitted, at any time, using the ROMEO @ MTA on-line application system, only. These are administered by the Animal Care Coordinator. Detailed instructions are found in the instructions above.


Help with self-registration on the ROMEO @ MTA system.

System Administrator contact:
For more information, refer to the ACC Terms of Reference.