Evaluation criteria for Independent Student Research Grants

The committee will use the following criteria to evaluate applications: 

The individual 60%

  • Academic excellence (20%) based on: cumulative GPA from the most recent three (3) full semesters or equivalent (45 credits)
  • Research potential (20%) based on: quality of analytical skills; ability to think critically; ability to apply skills and knowledge
  • Academic preparation for the project, fit with longer term goals of the student (20%) based on: relevant courses completed; relevant co-curricular activities; relevant extracurricular activities; improvement in GPA over time

The research proposal 40%

  • Quality of the proposal (30%) based on: clarity, depth, and logic of the project; strength of research design and demonstrated facility with methodologies; originality and innovation; clear statement of the output and anticipated outcome; quality of the written material submitted; student’s independence
  • Advisor/Mentor (10%) based on: evidence of an appropriate mentoring/training environment