This grant program provides students entering the final year of their degree program with an intensive research or creative activity experience from May to August each year. Students receive a research grant to conduct their own, independent research or creative activity projects. Projects may be completed on campus, in various communities, or overseas, depending on the nature of the approved project. Many students use this as an opportunity to gather data for their honours thesis, while others use this as an opportunity to explore if research or research-creation is something of interest as their academic career unfolds. The value of the research grant for summer 2021 is $7,500.

Important information for students

  • The program is focused on students who are entering the final year of their degree program AND who intend to graduate the following May. Research grants will be given to qualified students meeting this criterion first. Research grants will only be made to other students if there are not enough qualified students with third year standing.
  • You must have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 including GPA from the fall term in the year of application to be eligible for consideration.
  • If your cumulative GPA is less than 3.5 and you still wish to be considered for an award, you may explain in your statement of preparation any medical or family issues, only, which negatively affected your academic performance.
  • You must achieve a minimum score of 70 per cent against the evaluation criteria in order to qualify for an award, subject to the availability of funds.

NOTE: Grant payments are released in four equal installments. Research grants are not employment income and are not subject to deductions. Students will be issued a T4A for income tax purposes.

International Travel? As a student researcher through Mount Allison University, if you will be going abroad for any part of your research, you are responsible for completing the appropriate pre-departure tasks to ensure your international travel is safe and successful. Please read through all of the information carefully and ensure you understand and complete all of the applicable tasks. If you have any questions or concerns before you go, please contact the International Centre at


Important information for faculty  

  • Faculty members can and should encourage students to propose projects that align closely with their own research and/or creative practices.
  • Faculty members may only be named as the proposed advisor/mentor on a maximum of three (3) student applications, and may only be named as a proposed co-advisor/co-mentor on a maximum of one (1) student application.
  • If you are the proposed advisor/mentor of more than one (1) student, the office of research services will contact you to request that you provide a ranking of the students. This information will be provided to members of the evaluation committee to assist them in their deliberations.
  • When completing your advisor's certification form and reference letter please be as specific as possible in commenting on how the student, the proposed project, and the advisory and training environment align with the evaluation criteria.
  • In cases of co-advisors, both advisors/mentors must each complete a separate certification form reference letter.
  • ISRG holders are not employees nor are they research assistants. They are grant holders. They are expected to devote the equivalent of 35 hours per week for 15 weeks, to their project. Students are responsible for managing their time and project progress, in consultation with their advisors.

Submission deadline: January 31, 4:30pm. When January 31 falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the deadline is 4:30 p.m. on the following Monday.

** Noted: Deadline for 2021 is February 8, 4:30pm**


Upcoming Information Sessions: 

January 8, 2021, 2:00 PM Atlantic via MS Teams (see email to all students for links)

January 13, 2021, 1:00 PM Atlantic via MS Teams

January 18, 2021, 2:00 PM Atlantic vis MS Teams


For more information, please contact Office of Research Services, 364-2618.