Mount Allison Connects is funding by SSHRC's Aid to Small Universities program. The funds are designed to build research capacity in the social sciences, arts, and humanities.

The overall goal is to build and strengthen research capacity amongst researchers at Mount Allison University, and to foster a culture and practice of community engagement at Mount Allison for the benefit of researchers and civil society. More specifically, the two primary objectives are to:
Build capacity for community engagement as part of research and creative activities undertaken by our researchers.
Build for capacity for knowledge mobilization of project outputs and outcomes to reach a broad range of audiences.


Over the 2014-2018 period, Mount Allison Connects will provide resources and support for:

Networking, Planning, and Meeting - To assist faculty members to travel to other locations, or to defray costs of bringing people to campus, for meetings and activities that are designed to plan for research or knowledge mobilization activities, to make initial connections, to explore possibilities.
Professional Development - To build specific research skills among faculty, students, and technical support staff.
Institute Events - To provide week-long, intensive training and development, with expert external facilitators, with deep and long term impact on individuals’ research capacity for both community engagement and knowledge mobilization.
Research and Creative Activity Projects and Knowledge Mobilization - To support project activities for both faculty and students.
Festival of Ideas - To showcase the projects and knowledge mobilization activities funded through the grant.


The grant is administered by the research and creative activity committee, with support from the Office of Research Services. For more information please contact:

David Bruce
Director, Office of Research Services