Project funds are available for both faculty and students to undertake projects that are intended to build their capacity for community engagement and knowledge mobilization.


Adlam, Robert, Anthropology, Developing a First Nations Perspective on Socio-Cultural Valuation of Ecosystem Services

Andrews Susan, Religious Studies, Moving mountains: Rebuilding China's Mount Wutal in Contemporary Canada

Antonelli, Fabrizio, and Thomas, David, Sociology (Politics and International Relations), Lending a helping hand: Understanding youth volunteer practices for university students and their communities

Beck, Lauren, Modern Languages & Literatures, Asian Illustrations of Native American Peoples before 1900

Beck, Lauren, Modern Languages & Literatures, Canada before Confederation: Early Exploration and Mapping

Beck, Lauren, and Ionescu, Christina, Modern Languages & Literatures, Visualizing the Text, from Manuscript Culture to Caricature

Beverley, Andrea, Canadian Studies, Zine Scene: Independent Print Culture in Sackville

Fox, Michael, Geography & Environment, Case-­study of Earliest Extant Houses in Sackville, NB

Fox, Michael, and Wilson, Andrew, Geography & Environment, Sackville Schools 2020: Communicating Educational Change Through Web Documentary

Pearse, Linda, Music, Collaborative Workshop on Creative and Scholarly Practice

Poteet, Morgan, Sociology, Youth Directions: Engaging youth in police-youth relations and initiatives in New Brunswick communities

Robertson, Bruce, Classics, Building an Online Community of Editors for Ancient Greek Texts

Rogers, Janine, English, Connecting to Museums of Science: building a research network for research in literature and material cultures of science, including Prisca: a new international Digital Humanities platform in early modern studies

Rogers, Janine, and Schellenburg, Renata, English, Exhibiting Nature: Science, Aesthetics, and the Museum

Schellenberg, Renata, Modern Languages & Literatures, Memories of Empire: Investigating the Legacy of the Austrian Riviera

Whynacht, Ardath, Sociology, "She looks like a Tiger”: self harm, stigma and digital engagement in psychiatric knowledge