Students at Mount Allison University are exceptionally talented and keen to work on research and development projects where they can apply the skills learned in the classroom and in our laboratories.

In addition to being employed as research assistants by faculty members through their research grants, many students work directly with and for private companies, industry associations, NGOs, community groups, municipalities, and many others.

Some of the funding programs that are available to support the hiring of students outside of campus include:

Funds are available to place graduate students and post-doctoral fellows with a company for a four-month period, to work on an industry problem. Up to $15,000 is available per placement, with the industry partner required to cover half of the costs. A maximum of $5,000 within this envelope can be used to cover research expenses of the faculty supervisor and/or the project, in addition to the stipend paid to the student. For more information contact  Valerie Bonnardel-Vacque, Business Development Specialist for NB, 506-863-4068. 

NSERC Experience Awards 
Experience Awards (IUSRAs) are meant to stimulate a student's interest in research in the natural sciences and engineering. They are also meant to encourage the pursuit of graduate studies and to pursue a research career in these fields. This is done through research work experience in an industrial setting that complements the student's studies. Experience Awards can be held within the Canadian-based research facilities of any Canadian private-sector organization deemed suitable to host a student under this program. These awards may not be held outside Canada. Host organizations must have completed an application (new or renewal) for Eligibility of Organizations to Participate in NSERC's IRDF Program, IPS Program and Experience Awards Program (Form 183B) within the past three years. A separate Form 183B must be completed for each individual subsidiary, branch, division, or location of the organization wanting to host a student. 

Industrial Postgraduate Scholarships (IPS) provide financial support for highly qualified science and engineering graduates. The support allows them to gain research experience in industry while undertaking advanced studies in Canada. These scholarships are aimed at encouraging scholars to consider research careers in industry where they will be able to contribute to strengthening Canadian innovation. NSERC will pay a stipend of $15,000 per year to your university. In addition, the sponsoring organization is required to pay at least $6,000 per year. The student must spend a minimum of 20 percent of their time (at least 50 days per year) at the organization (on company premises or under company supervision “in the field”, not at a university or affiliated hospital) on activities related to their thesis project. 

In addition, some students receive their own direct research funding from our Summer Student Research Awards program. Many students are interested in crafting a project that is practical and applied in nature, where they can work directly with a company, an industry association, an NGO, a community group, or a municipality. If you are interested in sharing your project ideas with students, please contact David Bruce 506-364-2618.