The following resources are available to assist in learning about research ethics:

Panel on Research Ethics

As part of its education and training mandate, the REB offers:

  • An annual workshop on a topic of special interest
  • Regular presentations on research ethics (fall, spring)
  • Presentations in classes (if interested, please contact David Bruce,, 364-2618) 

In addition, we provide advice, guidance, and one-on-one assistance with the preparation of applications to the REB. Please contact David Bruce,, 364-2618, for assistance.


Digital Visual Research, presentation by Katie Warfield, February 15, 2018 Handout1 Handout2 Workshop1 Workshop2

Facebook’s Emotional Contagion: Social Media Research, presentation by Gordon DuVal, March 11, 2015

On-Line Surveys, Protecting Your Identity and Personal Information, and Research Ethics, presentation by Steve Prosser, January 18, 2013

Privacy Issues and Research Ethics, presentation by Dr. Timothy Christie, February 15, 2012