Application and Submission Instructions

All submissions to the Research Ethics Board are to be submitted using the ROMEO @ MTA on-line application system, only. This includes applications by faculty members, students, staff, and those who are external to the university.

Please refer to these detailed instructions for submitting using ROMEO @ MTA.
(Note: The system works best in Firefox or Google Chrome, and Safari and Internet Explorer on some devices.)

Requests for amendments to an approved protocol may be submitted, at any time, using the ROMEO @ MTA on-line application system, only. Detailed instructions are found in the instructions above. If your previously approved protocol was approved prior to April 1 2016, please contact the Research Ethics Coordinator (, 364-2618) prior to making your amendment request.

Help with self-registration on the ROMEO @ MTA system.

System Administrator contact:

You must attach a copy of any new or changed materials that will be seen by research participants (e.g., recruitment notices, consent information or forms, surveys, interviews, feedback, etc.). Please attach these as a single file attachment, in either WORD or PDF (choose Ethics Attachments for the Doc Agreement type). If file size exceeds allowable limits, split into two or more files as appropriate.

Effective September 1 2017, you must also attach a copy of your completed TCPS CORE Tutorial Certificate, by completing the TCPS 2.0 on-line tutorial . The tutorial can be completed at your own pace and is an excellent resource to build your knowledge about ethical considerations in research.

Before undertaking any research with human participants, the researcher must be thoroughly familiar with the principles of research ethics, summarized in the Tri-Council Policy Statement on Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Human Subjects.


Preparing an Appropriate Consent Form for Your Project

In most cases, you will need a consent form to provide to your participants. This document provides general advice regarding how to write informed consent forms for research projects. We encourage to review it, first, to obtain guidance on the consent process and what should be included in a consent form. You may then choose to edit one of the sample forms, below, to suit your needs, or create your own, based on your understanding of what is required.
The Consent Process and Form: An Abbreviated Guide (updated July 2016)


Sample consent forms
When developing your REB application, the following sample consent forms may be helpful. Please note that these are samples only and that you should modify them to reflect the specifics of your research project.

Course-Based Research

Course-based student research projects involving human participants are reviewed at the departmental level, so long as they do not involve more than minimal risk, are not related to honours / independent study, and there is no intention to publish. Further guidance about what types of activities can be reviewed at the department level can be found here.